Wildlife & Conservation

Take a look at some of the wildlife you can see on our safaris

At Orca Sea Safaris, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and eco-friendly experience. Our expert skippers are passionate about marine conservation and are committed to ensuring that your encounter with these incredible creatures is both educational and respectful.

code of conduct

Respecting our local wildlife is a top priority for us so it's very important that all of our skippers know how to responsibly operate a boat around them. So this is why all of our skippers are WiSe Accredited at a minimum with some being WiSe Masters.

We regularly monitor how we operate our trips to ensure minimal impact on the environment as a whole and no impact or disturbance on the wildlife we are engaging with. It's important that the interactions we have with any creature are on their terms and do not in any way cause distress to them as ultimately, we are the ones that are exploring their home!

As passionate advocates for the preservation of our oceans, we are committed to providing a sustainable and educational experience for all of our guests. Our tours are crafted with the utmost respect for wildlife, ensuring a non-intrusive and harmonious encounter with dolphins, whales and other marine wonders.

We believe in the power of knowledge to inspire change. We provide commentary on all of our tours and hope that by passing on our actions, observations and vital knowledge to our customers, we can help spread awareness and reduce marine disturbances.

Read More about of Code Of Conduct here.

More about cornwall's wildlife

Cornwall's Warm Climate and Diverse Marine Life is all due to the Gulf Stream. It brings warm water flowing from the South up through the Atlantic Ocean past Cornwall, which then mixes with cooler Northern waters.​

This means that Cornwall supports many species, both on land and sea, which are at the edge of their climatic ranges, making Cornwall's waters amongst some of the richest marine habitats in the world.​

The underwater topography (reefs and drop-offs) is extremely varied around the coastline.​ The tidal flow through the peaks and troughs of the sea bed, and sometimes stormy conditions, allow good up-welling and mixing of the water layers.​ This brings nutrients to the surface, which in turn supports a rich web of species and attracts an abundance of marine wildlife.​

Species spotted are increasing constantly as more people join our Sea Safari expeditions and as sea temperatures rise we are seeing an increasingly diverse range of marine wildlife on our boat trips.


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