Terms & Conditions

What you need to know before booking


Orca Sea Safaris reserves the right to cancel any trip if the weather is deemed too dangerous to sail.

If Orca Sea Safaris cancels your trip you will be entitled to a full refund or you will be offered the choice of alternative dates.

Any bookings made through a third party booking agent will be offered an alternative date but not a refund through Orca Sea Safaris.

Should you cancel your trip with less than 48 hours notice Orca Sea Safaris reserves the right to charge you for your booking, should we not be able to fill your seats.

If the weather is deemed too dangerous to go to sea for the full trip, we may change part or the full trip to an estuary explorer.

You will be entitled to change the date of your trip if you would prefer but a refund will not be offered.

Due to the nature of our boat, we are unable to take any pregnant women and we advise against anyone with back or hip problems joining an Orca Sea Safari.

There may be other ailments that could be made worse by any bumpiness at sea so if you are in any doubt, please call us to discuss.

We are unable to take any children under 6 years old.

We are unable to take children under 14 without an adult to supervise them.

We are unable to have dogs on board.

If you have any medical condition that may affect you while on board (e.g. Diabetes, Epilepsy etc.), it is advised that you tell your Skipper and/or Crew on arrival, should you become ill, we will then be able to get the best medical attention for you.

Orca Sea Safaris cannot guarantee specific wildlife on your trip.

We will endeavour to find as much wildlife as possible in the time you are at sea but there may be occasions where we don't see any wildlife however we will still make your trip as informative, interesting and fun as possible.

Please feel free to bring camera, video cameras and binoculars.

Many people have brought them and taken fantastic pictures, but please be aware that we are at sea and Orca Sea Safaris can take no responsibility for your property, should it get wet or damaged.

No alcohol is allowed on board and if you are deemed unfit to travel with us through alcohol then you will be refused entry onto our boat and you will not receive a refund.

Due to usually having several different groups on board at one time, we ask all our passengers to respect other passengers and not to use language that could be perceived as threatening or rude.

Any passenger that is causing a nuisance or disturbance will be taken back to shore and will not receive a refund.

If any of these terms and conditions are violated/not adhered to, Orca Sea Safaris Ltd reserves the right to cancel or refuse their entry onto the boat without a refund.

I agree to allow Orca Sea Safaris LTD to take photographs. I hereby give Orca Sea Safaris LTD and Assigns my permission to license the images and to use the images in any media for any purpose (except pornographic, defamatory, libellous or otherwise unlawful) which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing associated with Orca Sea Safaris LTD. I agree that the images may be combined with other images, text and graphics, and cropped, altered or modified.

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